Dec. 27, 2017 | Client Cases
CapCloud supports various traineeprogrammes

For over seven years now CapCloud delivers the online portfolioplatform for trainees of the City of Rotterdam. Recently, two more traineeprograms have joined: the G4 traineeship (Hollands four biggest cities), and the MRA (Metropolitan area Amsterdam) traineeship.

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Traineeships – working and learning at the same time

Traineeships are programs offered by companies or governmental agencies, combining work experience and training for young people with a University or college degree. During these two years the trainees get to work in three or four assignments in different departments of the organization. At the same time they follow an educational program to learn more about the organization and its challenges, as well as trainings and coaching directed towards their personal development.


Program management, digital portfolios, and an online community

CapCloud offers these traineeships an online environment where trainees can find up to date training information, assignments and reports, and can communicate with trainers. Even more important is the possibility for trainees to create and build their own portfolio with proof of their development process during the two year period. On their portfoliopage trainees formulate their learning goals, reflect on their progress, ask feedback, post reports of their appraisals, etc.

By means of this online portfolio the trainees’ mentors, coaches and managers can easily track the trainees’ development and products. No more rummaging through paper or mail archives to find the right documents: ownership lies with the trainee to have everything up to date and accessible. The mentor, manager or coach can post feedback on the trainees portfolio.

Organizations make different choices in which CapCloud functionalities it uses, depending on their educational philosophy. One program chooses to let trainees share their portfolio’s with each other, thus stimulating them to inspire each other with regards to learning goals and activities. In other organizations permission to visit a portfolio is confined to the personal mentor.

Finally trainees use CapCloud for sharing information and photo’s amongst each other. Networking and knowledge management through CapCloud is also an option now that within the City of Rotterdam trainees of 11 groups are member of the trainee platform. Each trainee has a ‘public’ profile and thus they can find each other with the search option when looking for a certain expertise or experience.


Inge Hoogerheiden, trainer for trainees of the City of Rotterdam:

“As a trainer I use CapCloud to communicate with the group about our training seminars, their development, and the asssignments between seminars. I keep them posted via the blog, and they contact me. The trainees upload reports and photos of our seminars, resulting in a comprehensive archive of all of our training days."


Anita Meijs, program manager of the City of Rotterdam traineeship:

“In Rotterdam we missed a central place where trainees could maintain their portfolio’s for themselves ánd for the coaches. This is where CapCloud came in. Gradually it evolved to a space where trainers and trainees share information about the training seminars. And for our  program management it is very practical that we can share our news on one central spot to which where all trainee groups have access.”


An example to follow?

The way traineeships use CapCloud to facilitate participants and program managers is of course relevant to any educational program that has a longer runtime, that wants to keep track of individual learning progress whilst stimulating ownership of participants. 

Furthermore training bureaus can add on other CapCloud functionalities such as  e-learnings, administering permanent education credits, and the appraisal of competencies.


More information: Corinna Volckmar, 06-28 660 540 of

Oct. 5, 2017 | Client Cases
CapCloud empowers members-only site for Corporate Academies

CapCloud now delivers the members-only platform for NSCU, the Dutch Corporate Academy Network. The platform was officially announced to the NSCU members during their annual congress on 3 October 2017.

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About NSCU

The NSCU offers a community for organisations having a corporate academy or developing one. The NSCU is the knowledge centre for corporate learning in the Netherlands. With the pay-off “Linking corporate learning professionals”, numerous activities are being organised by and for members, and various studies are conducted. Of course, the community also acts as a knowledge network. Members help each other and visit each other.

Currently, NSCU has about 80 corporate members.


Members-only site

Introducing a members-only site creates an environment for information, exchange, event planning and interaction between Learning & Development professionals of big private and public organisations. Everything stays within the members network, and therefore facilitates the mutual openness.


Brenda Slagter, NSCU Director, is clear about her objectives and expectations: “Consolidating and disseminating expertise related to corporate learning, together with and for our members. We focus all our activities on this objective. CapCloud offers the opportunity to also do this online in a low-threshold way, effectively and efficiently in a protected environment. Contacts are easy and personal. We grow further as a learning organisation and we create additional value for our members.”


Informal learning beyond organisational borders

For CapCloud, providing a members-only site fits the trend of informal learning, within but also beyond organisational borders. An exchange platform for member organisations like NSCU gives an opportunity for learning and development among peers beyond the borders of each individual employer. The fact that this site is now meant for Learning & Development Professionals, makes it special.


For more information: Brenda Slagter, +31 30 231 1388, or


June 8, 2017 | Client Cases
VMI – Learning Programme for Engineers: Sustainable Employability and Mentoring put into practice

VMI Group contracted CapCloud for co-designing and implementing a sustainable learning programme for their Engineers “the Talent BOOST-programme”. A selected group of less experienced engineers will get a boost in their development. More experienced engineers get the chance to share their knowledge and experience. A win-win of mentoring and sustainable employability put into practice!

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About VMI Group

Thinking forward. That is what more than 1.200 employees of VMI Group do daily from one of the 8 offices worldwide. They develop, produce, market and install machines for tires, rubber, cans and care. Because of continuous innovation, high quality standards and employees that think forward, they even are worldwide leader in some of these markets. Hidden Dutch glory on De Veluwe!


The project

Based on the existing plan of action, CapCloud started the development of the Learning Programme at the beginning of this year, in close cooperation with the relevant organisation units. A design group, composed of several representatives of these units, is involved in this development. In this way it will be guaranteed that the programme is in line with the work practice and well embedded in the organisation. Principles of co-creation are applied.

The own responsibility of the participants is an important aspect of the programme. Each participant follows a personal learning route, fully tailored to meet his own learning needs. A dedicated mentor and coach will support the participant during this route. The two-year programme also contains several joint training days and intervision sessions, in which the participants can learn with and from each other.

This summer the first group of selected Engineers will start with the Learning Programme.



VMI has (young) engineers who would like to develop further on the one hand, and highly experienced engineers who can share their knowledge on the other hand. Linking these two together enables talent development, knowledge assurance and increased employability. Also the attractiveness for experts to join the VMI group will be enhanced.

The design of this Learning Programme and the design method can be used as a basis for future learning programmes in various areas, thus contributing to the further professionalization of the VMI Academy.


For more information about the project, please contact Estelle de Hingh of CapCloud.

March 6, 2017 | Features
Help! Is there a doctor in the house?

Something is happening, and we must act. We should find someone now having the right qualifications and competencies. Actually, we don’t care who it is, as long as this person is competent and properly qualified. Do you recognise?

It is exactly this challenge that is sorted when managing team capabilities, a new feature of the CapCloud platform.

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Why managing team capabilities?

Everyone has a primary role and task in the organisation. A specific job description and competence profile are related. Job descriptions and competence profiles are aimed at letting individuals perform in their job, on a certain level.

However, everyone also acts in a team. This can be a project team, but also a department, a crew or shift, or even the whole company. In some cases, competence requirements are set to the whole team, and not only to the individuals working there. These team requirements may be related to secondary activities, e.g. the number of Emergency Response officers. Also, certain professional qualifications may be necessary to be allowed to work as a team.

So, we enforce nobody individually to graduate in medicine, as long as we ensure that there is always a doctor in the house. And we should also know who that is.


How does it work?

Like we compile competence profiles for individual employees, a competence profile for the whole team can also be prepared. It is important to distinguish between competencies that are really required from an individual, and the one that can be left to the team as a whole. Sometimes, even competence levels play a role: everyone is required to act on level B, as long there is always somebody to act on Level A.

Team Capability Profiles are matched with the members of the team. It is being counted if the required (number of) qualifications is met, and the team can be actively managed.


Get started

Team capabilities make the employability of personnel much more flexible, and often even cheaper. Both the individual employee and the organisation benefit, as long as the process is properly applied. This requires some thinking and decision making. CapCloud can help in this process. The new feature is now fully integrated in the platform.


Interested? Call +31 881 702010 or email

Feb. 20, 2017 | Features
What gets measured, gets done

Despite all good intentions, permanent education and life-long learning are easily side-lined when there are daily fires to fight. It is quite common to conclude at the end of the year that nothing has been achieved regarding personal development. That’s a pity, because the good intentions are there. 

Make it a Performance Indicator based on PE Points!

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What are PE Points?

PE stands for “Permanent Education”. PE Points are used to monitor and recognise efforts in (re)education and life-long learning. Many regulated occupations are subject to PE systems, like lawyers, medical specialists and safety experts. Education, courses, visiting seminars are recognised by awarding points. After a certain period, the professional licence can be renewed based on those points.


Measuring in your own organisation?

PE Points are a given for certain regulated occupations, but are hardly applied within organisations. That’s a missed chance, since points can be connected to every learning activity. By doing so the learning effort of individual employees can be monitored. Awarding points is also stimulating learning efforts, especially when they become a personal target.


Fixed or flexible?

A fixed number of points can be awarded for well-defined learning activities, like internal or external information sessions, webinars, e-learning modules and training.

It is also important to recognise informal learning processes, like social learning, learning at the worksite or keeping experience. For this purpose, a system for a flexible number of points is more suitable. Often these points are time-based, per hour or per day.


CapCloud features PE Points

On the CapCloud platform you can configure your own PE Points system, and award both fixed and flexible number of points for all learning efforts. It is the perfect way of promoting and monitoring continuous personal development, and the way to recognise social and worksite learning. When PE Points become a personal target, life-long learning becomes reality.


Curious about the opportunities? Contact Bart Dijkhuizen on +31 881 702010 or mail to .

Feb. 3, 2017 | Industries
Softies in industry

Soft meets hard and hard meets soft. Nowadays, people working in social occupations need more than good talks only. They also need to make their qualifications and performance demonstrable. On the other hand, an industrial masculine culture does not perform well by only managing formal training and qualifications. Soft skills make a difference when it comes to further performance improvement.

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Roy Jautze, HSE Advisor at oil company Dana Petroleum, wrote a winning essay about this subject, focusing on increasing safety performance. He states: “To make the workplace safer, we should focus more on the soft skills of our managers and supervisors.”

He explains as follows: “Soft skills lead to effective team work. Here is a lot to gain when it comes to safety performance. Well-developed soft skills of managers and supervisors ensure a larger engagement in safety. Moreover, soft skills enable the free sharing of safety information and alerts and, finally, they support effective improvements.”

“Especially the soft skill of “open mindedness” is important in this respect: staying open for others’ perceptions and opinions apart from yours. This can help to analyse and understand complex situations often related to incidents. When you properly understand an incident, you’re capable of identifying the root causes, take improvement actions and prevent reoccurrence.


CapCloud recognises the principles explained by Roy and sees the same development in industry. CapCloud promotes and registers both hard qualifications and soft competencies. It is the combination that let people perform well and keep them employable.


Please contact Roy Jautze for further information. The essay can be read on the website of Veiligheid Voorop (Dutch only). Roy won a two-year Master of SHE (MoSHE) programme at Delft University, which he recently started.

Jan. 19, 2017 | CapCloud News
From Learning & Development to Employability

CapCloud has taken an important step for 2017 by putting the focus on our services more explicitly in a business context. Having an online application and consultancy services we are well-positioned in the profession of competence management, Learning & Development. However, these are never a goal in itself but a mean to achieve business and organisational goals like growth, risk control and compliance. Employability of people and teams to achieve those goals is the main challenge. We will apply our business and organisational expertise even more to make this shift.

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Employability is yours

Our new pay-off "Employability is yours" reflects what it is all about: employability and everyone's own responsibility for that. Employability is always subject to changes because of changing markets, organisational goals and personal preferences. Continual personal development and permanent education make sure that your employability stays high in changing circumstances. As an individual, together with managers and training organisations, you need to take your own responsibility. The online CapCloud platform will provide the necessary tools and support.


First step: team capabilities

In 2016 already, an important step was initiated in this respect with the development of a new feature for managing and demonstrating team capabilities. Not all qualifications and competences need to be held by every single employee, if departments and teams are sufficiently competent as a whole. This stresses the needs for the good functioning of a team in a certain organisational or business context. Individual employees can be added to the team based on their personal qualifications and competencies, and complete the overall team capability.
This new feature is driven by four oil companies and is characteristic for the demonstrable deployment of personnel within a certain organisational setting. Moreover, it is a great example of multiple CapCloud clients being actively and jointly involved in the further development of the CapCloud platform.

Oct. 27, 2016 | Client Cases
Petrogas – Competence in a changing oil and gas sector

Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V. has commissioned CapCloud to redevelop their competence assurance processes and procedures. The aim is to have a fit-for purpose competence assurance system, supporting safe and reliable operations while meeting the demands of changing market circumstances in the oil and gas sector.

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About Petrogas

Petrogas, headquartered in Oman, acquired the North Sea assets from Chevron in 2014 and has been a recognised operator since then in The Netherlands. The company Operates 9 production platforms for oil and natural gas, and employs ca. 125 personnel.


The Project

CapCloud started in May this year and redeveloped the methodologies, processes and procedures around competence assurance in Petrogas. This was done in close cooperation with the key stakeholders being the Operations and HR departments.


The aim of the project is to create a system with which Petrogas can assure the competencies required for their operations, and also demonstrate this to authorities. Both technical skills and soft skills play a role. Assurance include the minimum safety and technical qualifications.


Challenges and opportunities

Like every oil and gas company Petrogas is facing the difficult market circumstances oil low oil prices. This requires a different, leaner organisation. A competent workforce is key in this respect, and all personnel have their own responsibility to remain employable for the company. Flexible and multi-skilled personnel will be able to face the changing oil and gas sector.


Also, some personnel have been working with the company for decades. They must be recognised for their current knowledge and skills, while still required to demonstrate their competence in relation to a changing organisation.


For more information about the project contact Bart Smits from Petrogas (+31 70 357 2357) or Bart Dijkhuizen or Estelle de Hingh from CapCloud.

Oct. 5, 2016 | CapCloud News
ESF subsidies for sustainable employability

ESF sustainable employability promotes the sustainability in the private sector. Employees are sustainably employable when they are now, and in future, healthy, motivated, competent and productive. The subsidy is meant for the direct costs of hiring consultants in this area of expertise.

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What can be subsidised?

Themes and activities for which advise can be commissioned are:

  • Promoting healthy and safe working practices, amongst others a healthy lifestyle, reducing work stress and undesired behaviours at work;
  • Promoting a culture of learning among the workforce, including the recognition of non-work related knowledge and skills;
  • Stimulating internal mobility of employees, anticipating on individual ambitions and development opportunities and supporting personnel in entrepreneurship;
  • Promoting a flexible work culture, including flexible working times.

In an ESF project advice can be obtained from an external consultant. This may be focused on:

  • Obtaining advice with an implementation plan;
  • Supporting the implementation of an advice.


How much can be subsidised?

The subsidy is maximum 50% of the costs, and maximum € 10.000, =.


Get started!

The application period lasts from 14 till 25 November 2016. € 13 mln. is available. Application are managed on a first-come-first-served basis.

CapCloud projects can be subsidised. This can have a significant positive influence on the budget. Upon request we can deal with the whole application procedure. We do this together with our specialised partner De Breed & Partners


For more information, please contact Bart Dijkhuizen from CapCloud (+31 881 702010) or Carel Bruinings / Robert van Loon from De Breed & Partners (+31 76 5654321).


Sept. 2, 2016 | CapCloud News
Service Coordinator Johan Scheffer started

CapCloud started the development of a separate Service team. Johan Scheffer was recruited for this purpose and he started on 1 September 2016. Until now, all Service Desk requests were picked up by either the software development team or the consultancy team. As result of the growth this was not manageable anymore.

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About Johan

Johan Scheffer graduated in marketing & communication, specialised in 2D graphical design. He has over 10 years of experience in communication, service and sales supporting roles. He is a fanatic runner and cyclist.

Separate unit in CapCloud

CapCloud has grown significantly over the past few years. The consultancy team and software development team have grown up. Service Desk tasks have been picked so far by one of these teams. However, that meant a growing distraction for those teams, and longer waiting times for our end users and client administrators.

It is the intent to develop a separate service team as link between the client, the consultancy team and the development team. Reactive, but most and for all proactive communication towards clients will be an important aspect.

Johan will be tasked with the coordination of service requests, assistance with functional system administration for clients, configuration of new CapCloud environments, maintenance of documentation, and functional testing of new developments. Furthermore, he will develop the systems and working practices for the service team.