In 2011 CapCloud was founded on the idea that the traditional approach to learning, qualification and development had seen better days. On one hand employment becomes more flexible and individuals take more and more ownership of their own development. On the other hand qualifications and performance of personnel tend to become more regulated. The challenge of flexibility versus regulations demands an innovative solution. CapCloud is providing this innovative solution through its digital learning environment. Employability becomes manageable for (flex) personnel, employers and clients.


Vison on learning and development

The employer should allow each employee to improve his performance and professionalism, to demonstrate it and to take ownership of it. This goes along with a variety of learning styles and methods. It will increase your employability, which in turn is beneficial to your employer. The CapCloud vision on learning and development is derived from the 70-20-10 philosophy. This philosophy assumes that only 10% of the learning takes place in a "classroom" and 20% through direct colleagues and supervisors (social learning). 70% of the learning takes place on the job, and during new assignments and special projects. Generally a Learning Management System (LMS) or digital learning environment only focuses on the 10% of classroom training.

CapCloud goes for 100% learning and makes it workable and transparent.

Life-long learning or continuing education takes place anytime and anywhere. It is important to be aware of the right learning moments and experience, even when these are less obvious compared to classroom training. Treat informal learning the same as formal learning. Give space, review and recognise. You will not only capture more knowledge and experience, you may even save serious money on formal, external training which is possibly less effective.

CapCloud enables formal and informal learning, makes it transparent and demonstrable, and integrates learning into daily work. This is not only beneficial to the employer, but also to the employee. Minimum knowledge and qualifications remain assured, while personnel will perform better and keep on developing their talents.

Best Practices from our customers

The development of CapCloud is based on co-creation with our customers. Many of the features developed in the online learning environment of CapCloud came directly from our customers’ “best practices”. We reinvest 50% of our licensing revenues directly into further developing the learning environment. Our customers often guide the development. Most of the changes and new features benefit the learning environment as a whole, and are completed for the customer as part of the licensing fee, without any effect on the budget. This is development on demand without any additional costs.


Why CapCloud?

When you want to give shape to employability and implement life-long learning, CapCloud is a must-have. The benefits can be listed easily:

  • Accessible via the Internet, thus anywhere and anytime that suits you;
  • No installation of software required, you can begin right away;
  • No dependency on your company’s IT department;
  • Possibility to link to existing personnel software systems;
  • Fully integrated environment for employer, employee and training provider;
  • Space for on the job training, social learning and traditional learning according to the 70-20-10 concept. The latest developments in learning and development will also be incorporated;
  • Full transparency and verification of qualifications, functioning and training results;
  • Full and direct benefit from best practices in the market.
  • Optimum data protection;
  • Did you make a decision? You can get started today!

The Cap Cloud

A “cap cloud” is a natural phenomenon. It can occur above a mountain peak and is formed when moist air is forced up and over the peak in layers until they reach dew point, thus forming a cloud. A number of layers can form on top of each other. This is usually a stationary cloud.

Very widely scattered knowledge, competencies and talents that are not yet apparent at the base of an organisation are elevated to a higher level through development, thus they become visible in a concentrated form. CapCloud visualises an employee’s minimal qualifications and performance – centred on a peak.